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No More McClintocknomics

This week, Washington politicians finally figured out that our economy is in trouble. 

Like everyone struggling on a fixed budget to meet the mortgage, fill their gas tanks, pay for healthcare, and educate their children, this certainly isn't news to Jan and I.  And it's scary when you watch the retirement you worked and saved for held hostage by a market in free fall, while the CEOs and politicians that caused it jump ship with golden parachutes in tow.

 That's why we need change in this election, and it's why your support for our campaign is so important.

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This week, I am releasing my "American Jobs Plan," and going on the air with a new spot about what fixing this economy and this government means to families right here in District Four. 

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 For the last several weeks, the attacks, lies and distortions have been coming fast and furious from Tom McClintock---a career politician who is clearly more interested in my wardrobe than helping the veterans politicians like him have left behind, or solving the growing economic crisis facing America.

That's because Tom just doesn't get it.  

Where I come from, if you don't do your job, it costs people their lives.  Where Tom comes from, you get paid whether you do your job or not.  In fact, you get free healthcare, free cars, and free gas to boot .  When you've been supping at the taxpayer funded trough as long as Tom has, you aren't solving problems---you're part of the problem.  We simply can't afford more of that mentality in Washington.

Contribute to the Solution

We've got 40 days until this election, and I'm going to fight---HARD---for every vote.  I'm counting on you to stand with me, because the stakes are simply too high for families, for our troops, and for our future.

Thanks again for your continued support.


Charlie Brown, Lt. Col. USAF Ret.

P.S.  I've given 26 years of my life, my only son, and 5% of what we raise in this campaign in defense of our country and those who serve it so honorably.  Yesterday, I confronted Tom McClintock live on conservative talk radio for lying to the people of district 4, and with your help , I'm going to beat back every one of his sleazy attacks for the next 40 days. 

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