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The Hypocrisy of Tom McClintock

With California's 85 day late State Budget due to be signed today, it is a very important day for Southern California politician Tom McClintock.

While California families fight to keep their homes, fill their gas tanks, and secure their savings from the meltdown on Wall Street, LA Tom will receive a lump sum check of more than $30,000 in taxpayer funded pay and tax free perks for the 85 day period where he refused to do his job as a California State Senator.

It's time to hold McClintock accountable---- click here to contribute to Charlie Brown, and put a stop to Tom's taxpayer funded gravy train once and for all .

 Just last week, we saw that McClintock's hypocrisy is not limited to supping at the taxpayer funded trough. 

"...directly attacking an opponent's integrity and patriotism...there's something terribly wrong with that..."-- State Senator Tom McClintock, KFBK AM 1530, May 28, 2008

After amassing the worst record in the California Legislature on military and veterans issues, McClintock launched a despicable attack on the patriotism of Charlie Brown-a career military officer, decorated combat veteran, and parent to an active duty son who will soon deploy for his FIFTH rotation in Iraq .     

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Truth Watch :   Read the Sacramento Bee's Analysis of McClintock's Attack Here

Here's the bottom line.   When we asked Tom McClintock to help veterans instead of attacking them, he chose the latter.  When Californians counted on Tom McClintock to produce an on time balanced budget, he refused to do his job and got paid anyway. 

The stakes in this election are clear.  In 42 days, the 4 th District will either have a fresh start and a leader who serves America, or another hypocritical career politician in the mold of John Doolittle, who lacks the courage to serve anyone but himself.

In 42 days, we will either have a representative committed to solving problems in Washington, or another hyper-partisan career politician who exemplifies the problem in Sacramento, and in Washington. 

It's up to you.

We are just one week away from the crucial September 30 th FEC Deadline.   Your support ensures that McClintock's desperate, hypocritical attacks will not go unanswered.  It keeps Charlie's new ads on the air, and gets the truth in the hands of the everyday people with so much at stake in this election.

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We are profoundly grateful for your continued support.  Thank you again for everything you are doing to get our country back on track.


Todd Stenhouse

Campaign Manager

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