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Brown up 5 in New Poll, FEC Deadline 36 hours away

Exciting news!  On Friday, Daily Kos released the results of a recent poll conducted by Research 2000 in the CA 04 race.  And like the polling we released earlier this month, and in June, this one shows Charlie leading Tom McClintock.

Polling Results:  Research 2000, 9/23-25. Likely voters, +/- 5%

McClintock (R) 41
Brown (D) 46

Kos Analysis:  "while most of our first-round House polls have given us reason to be positive, none so far have given us such clearly awesome news as this one."

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With multiple polls now showing Charlie in the lead, Southern California politician Tom McClintock has put his smear machine into overdrive. And we expect more of the same shrill tone, baseless attacks, and distortions the closer we get to election day. 

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McClintock just doesn't get it. He's going to any lengths necessary to protect his government car, his free gas card, his $306,000 in perks and his taxpayer funded health care.  He's even resorted to stealing content from our website.

But the real story is that people all across our district are struggling with the rising cost of food, high gas prices, increasing unemployment, and the loss of their savings in the stock market.   

 That's why this week Charlie released a comprehensive "American Jobs Plan" and launched a new TV spot highlighting the very real economic challenges families are facing along, with his proposed solutions.

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Beyond the polls, our momentum is undeniable.  This past weekend, more than a hundred people turned out for our third of seven scheduled Brown Barbeques/Town Hall Meetings--this time up in South Lake Tahoe ( read the story here ).  Also, more than 300 volunteers turned out for our latest district-wide day of action, making more than 13,000 voter contacts in a single day.   

With 36 days to go, the contrast in this race--- between battle tested leadership, and hyperpartisan politics as usual --could not be more clear.    

Victory is within our reach, but victory requires that we stand strong and stand together.  We can't thank you enough for all of your help so far.

Keep fighting,

Todd Stenhouse

Campaign Manager 

P.S.  The September 30th FEC Deadline is just 36 hours away.  Your contribution of $500, $250, $100, or $50 will ensure Charlie has the resources to beat back any attack, and carry his positive message to every district four voter between now and November 4th.  

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