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Brown has Momentum, McClintock in Debt

The latest Campaign Finance numbers are out, and though he has outspent Charlie by more than a million dollars in negative advertising, career politician Tom McClintock is in the red

Tom is finally getting a taste of what the disastrous economic policies he supports have created for families across America---mounting debt, and the very real prospect of losing a job.  

 We all know what comes next.   For the next 15 days, Tom will do what career politicians do---deficit spend like a drunken sailor, make dozens of annoying robo calls, and launch even more ridiculous attacks on Charlie with hopes of tricking voters into granting him a promotion.

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In contrast to Tom's growing desperation, Charlie's campaign to unite folks of all political stripes and solve problems is continuing to gather steam.   Just last week, Charlie was endorsed by eighty current/former elected officials and commissioners from right here in district 4-more than 2 dozen of them Republicans and Decline to States.  Republican Oroville Mayor Steve Jernigan captured their sentiments best:

" This election is about solving problems, not party ideology or keeping a job in politics... Charlie's story is that of every middle class American who has worked hard, played by the rules and sacrificed to give their children a better future. Charlie is one of us, he listens to us, and I'm confident he will do an outstanding job championing our interests in Congress. "

And last Friday, Charlie was endorsed by the largest Veterans publication in Northern California.  Read the endorsement here.

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Thanks to your tireless support, an undeniable buzz is building.   The  pundits in D.C. have taken notice, as have major news outlets like Time Magazine , the LA Times , and San Francisco Chronicle .  

And as voters begin to cast their ballots,  Charlie Brown's focus on solving problems is standing in stark contrast with Tom McClintock's record of doing nothing  while receiving generous pay, free healthcare, free cars, free gas, and generous perks at the expense of California taxpayers.

Charlie knows just how high the stakes are on November 4th.  That's why he's released comprehensive plans on energy, national security, and getting our economy back on track.   It's why he donates 5% of every dollar he raises back to local veterans service providers.   And it's why his resolve to win this election has never been stronger.

But to do that, Charlie needs all of our help today.

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News will be breaking fast and furious over the next few weeks.   Rest assured we will keep you all informed and updated on the many ways you can help.

Thanks again for all you are doing to help get the 4th district, and our country back on track.


Todd A. Stenhouse

Campaign Manager

P.S.  There are just 15 days left until election day.  Your contribution of $250, $100, $50, or $25 today helps  fund our Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Efforts and keeps Charlie's Ads on the Air.



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