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Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Resources
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Thank you all for your continued commitment to change in district 4, and a higher standard of leadership in Washington.

With more than 366,000 votes already tallied in a District 4 race, and thousands more to be tallied in the coming days, this historic election remains too close to call.

We are committed to ensuring a fair and transparent accounting of every legal vote.  And we believe that if every vote is counted in this election, Charlie Brown will be taking the oath of office as District 4's next Congressman in January.

Today, with more than 2,000 Vote By Mail ballots and Provisional Ballots having been "disqualified," and a district-wide "under vote" of more than 15,000, it is clear that we still have some work to do in order for every voice to be heard in this election.

There are two things you can do right now to ensure your voice is heard.

Click Here to visit our Voter Protection Page, and learn how you can check to see if your vote has been included in your county's election tally.

Click Here to support our election protection efforts, which includes the deployment of election law professionals committed to ensuring a fair and accurate count of every vote.

For updated Election Results, Click Here.

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