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Interview with Charlie Brown at 2008 CDC


Charlie Brown talks to Calitics (1/2)

Charlie Brown talks to Calitics (2/2)



Doolittle/Brown Debate

You can visit the Auburn Journal’s Debate Page to watch, or check out individual segments on You Tube Below.

John Doolittle–Slime and Crime

Part I: North Korea

Part IIa: Competition and Elections

Part IIb: Partisanship and Timber Harvesting

Part III: Timber Harvesting, Energy/Environment

Part IV: Iraq WMD Claims

Part V: Infrastructure, Bringing Tax Dollars Home to California

Part VI: ACLU, Marianas Islands, Abramoff

Part VII: Abramoff cont., on Doolittle, Marianas Islands

Part VIII: Brown’s Military Career, Doolittle on Armageddon

Part IX: On Brown, War, Doolittle’s Vietnam Draft Deferments

Part X: Draft Deferments cont., Healthcare, Auburn Dam, Voting for House Speaker

Part XI: Partisanship, Immigration, Education

Part XII: Gay Marriage, Iraq, Separation of Church and State, Ethics

Part XIII: Closing Statements


Shame - Brown for Congress TV Spot - click here for Quicktime Movie



Compare - Brown for Congress TV Spot - click here for Quicktime Movie


Power Corrupts - Brown for Congress TV Spot - click here for Quicktime Movie


Back in the Fight - Brown for Congress TV Spot - click here for Quicktime Movie


Doolittle Facts YouTube Video




Have You Had Enough? YouTube Video



Archived Audio: Radio Spots

DOOLITTLE LIE - New press reports confirm that John Doolittle is under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department in connection with the Jack Abramoff Congressional bribery scandal that has already convicted eight people. First he said he was not involved - untrue. Then he said he was not under invesstigation - untrue. Listen

MARIANA’S FACTS - What did John Doolittle know and when did he know it? For almost ten years, Congressman Doolittle knew about and tolerated forced abortions, sweatshops, religious persecution and even sex slavery on the U.S. Territory of the Mariana Islands. Why? Because convicted Congressional briber Jack Abramoff asked him to. Listen

Narrated by former Senator Max Cleland and highlights Charlie’s lifelong record of service to America and the high standards of leadership and integrity that he will bring with him to Washington. Listen

Highlights John Doolittle’s deep ties to both Congressional bribery scandals, and the ”Do-Little” record he has amassed on issues like national security, soaring gas prices, budget deficits, and moral leadership — posing the question that seems to be on everyone’s lips, ”Is John Doolittle Corrupt, or is he Ineffective?” WE want you to decide. Visit and cast your vote today!


Archived Audio: Radio Interviews

Charlie on Bruce Maiman Show on KFBK AM 1530, November 2, 2006
Segment 1, Segment 2

CNMI Investigator Wendy Doromal on Bruce Maiman Show on KFBK AM 1530, October 31, 2006, Segment 1, Segment 2

Charlie on KNCO AM 830 in Nevada City, October 20, 2006, Listen Here

Charlie and Al Franken Discuss the Northern Marianas, Air America Radio, October 11, 2006 Listen

General Wesley Clark Stumps for Candidate Charlie Brown, KFBK AM 1530, Bob Moffit, October 6, 2006 Listen
Abramoff Ties Stick to California Rep. Doolittle, National Public Radio, Ina Jaffe Reporting, October 5, 2006Listen


KFBK’s Bruce Maiman Show, October 2, 2006 (Charlie and Gen. Clark about 5 minutes in) Listen

Charlie Brown on KFBK’s Bruce Maiman Show
July 13, 2006 Hour 1 | Hour 2 (first 15 min.)

Interview with Charlie on KFBK
*Scan halfway through to hear Charlie
July 10, 2006 | listen

Charlie on the Thom Hartmann Show, Air America
July 7, 2006 | Listen

Young Turks Radio Program June 29, 2006
Listen to Charlie\’s interview on the Young Turks Radio Program
Click here to listen.

KFBK June 16, 2006
KFBK Newstalk 1530, Primary Election News Coverage
Click here to listen to the segment

Yearly KOS June 10, 2006
Yearly Kos in Las Vegas — featuring correspondent Timothy D. Smith’s interview with Charlie Brown. Click here to listen to the podcast

Barry Gordon From Left Field June 4, 2006
KCAA AM 1050: “Barry Gordon from Left Field,” (Note: Charlie’s interview begins 17 minutes into the program)
Click here to listen to the segment Listen to Charlie on theDaily Kos Fighting Dems Show which was broadcast live in Sacramento on December 13, 2005. Click here to listen.

Listen to Charlie on the which was broadcast live in Sacramento on December 13, 2005

Charlie has been endorsed by Senator Max Cleland
Click here to listen to Senator Cleland’s message.


Conduct of Rep. Doolittle
With the June election just eight weeks away, there are new questions about the conduct of Rep. John Doolittle. The Republican congressman has close ties to several key figures in the Washington lobbyist scandal. ”He’s, if not guilty, certainly giving the appearance of it, and that in itself should be wrong,” said one of Doolittle\’s opponents for re-election, Democrat Charlie Brown. KXTV News 10 Sacramento
Click here to watch

Band of Brothers on the March with National Media Campaign! Charlie is one of more than 50 Veterans who are running for Congress in 2006 as Democrats. See how our Veteran Congressional Candidates are banding together to create a stronger, more secure America in 2006.
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