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Check out Charlie on radio and television! If you have a minute forward your favorite commercial or interview to your friends and neighbors. It’s a great way for people to get to know Charlie. After you've viewed these, you can visit our multimedia archives .

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Distrct Newspapers Endorse Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown's American Jobs Plan


Two Men

Table Talk

Jan Brown


Thousand Oaks


TV Interview with Charlie and Gen. Wesley Clark 


Promises Kept


Max Cleland for Charlie Brown


Vote Charlie Brown: end partisan gridlock

 Charlie Brown: end gridlock

New Charlie Brown Ad: "Patriotism Before Partisanship"



Featured Audio:


Charlie Brown's radio spot: "Two Men"

Charlie Brown's radio spot: "Vote"


Charlie Brown's radio spot: "Old Fashioned"


Charlie on the Bruce Maiman Show, KFBK 1530 AM in Sacramento


Charlie Brown at Yearly Kos 2007, via Blog Talk Radio


“Rep. Doolittle His His Head in the Sand on Global Warming"
Defenders of Wildlife: Visit their site here .

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