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Don't Let them "Swiftboat" Charlie

It's been a rollercoaster of a week-and I'm not just talking about the stock market.

Attacks, Indictments, and a New Video from Thousand Oaks

It's been an exciting week.

As you know, the latest polling numbers have Charlie leading the 4 th District race, 43-41 . And thanks to your generosity, we were able to get Charlie's first TV AD, "Patriotism Before Partisanship," back on the air across the 4 th District.

Poll Shows Brown Leads McClintock

I have some exciting news.

Later today, we will be publicly releasing the latest polling on the race for California's 4 th District. The numbers are encouraging, so I wanted to share them with you first.

Serving with General Wesley Clark

On this holiday weekend, as with so many others, our thoughts turn to those who are separated from family and friends, giving themselves to the highest cause of service to our nation.

Promises Kept Voting and Why It's so Personal

With less than 75 days to this historic election, I wanted to send you a special video message about why this campaign is so personal, and why we aren't waiting until January of 2009 to make a difference in District four.

Lies, Dick Cheney and McClintock's Hypocrisy--Help Charlie Fight Back

As you know, Charlie Brown just released his energy plan ---a pragmatic, "all of the above" strategy that calls for more domestic oil supply, a new energy economy that creates thousands of new jobs, and an end to the practice of spending taxpayer dollars on middle-east oil.

Launching a New Energy Economy--Sign the Petition

One of the things that drove me to enter politics was frustration with a status quo that's been pushing our nation further and further off course.

To Doolittle, or Not Doolittle

Over the course of the past week, hundreds of you have answered the call to help us get our three new satellite offices up and running. Thank you!

Brown for Congress Satellite Offices

With less than 145 days to the November election, we are ramping up a ground operation unlike any the 4th District has ever seen---through which grassroots organizers and volunteers will personally relay Charlie's positive message to more than half a million voters between now and November 4.

Onto the Main Event

On Tuesday, we took the next step towards a brighter future for the 4th District, and a higher standard of leadership for America. Jan and I are both eternally grateful for your support.

We ARE Changing District 4

As we await the results of tonight's California Primary, I have exciting news to share.

Our end of the primary season poll results are in, and the findings confirm what we have known all along-Change is Coming to District 4.

Join Us for our Primary Night Celebration

Thank you for your tremendous response to this week's "4 for District Four" Challenge. We are just 5 days away from taking the next step towards restoring a higher standard of leadership to the 4th District.

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